Revolut launches new business service across UK and Europe

Revolut's transformation from a money transfer app to a full-scale bank is picking up pace as the UK fintech firm launches a business platform for British and European companies to manage international payments, payroll and corporate travel.

Revolut vs. Wise (Transferwise) – My review after 1 year (2022)

This video is not sponsored. I have a standard account with Revolut and Wise for about a year now and they have traveled to several countries with me. In fact, I never travel without these them. Now I think I am in a good position to give you a review and my honest opinion about Revolut and Wise (formerly known as Transferwise). Do I think Revolut or Wise is the better choice? Do I have a favorite? Are they really a good way to save money while traveling? Find out in this video 🙂

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Building a Financial Super-App With Global Reach: Founders Stories (Episode 7) | SFF 2020

Nikolay Storonsky founded Revolut in 2015 with Vlad Yatsenko. In 2019, continuing its expansion into Asia-Pacific, Revolut launched in Singapore. This was followed in 2020 by launches in Australia, Japan and the USA. And it is only getting started. In this fireside chat, Nikolay and Martin Mignot, Partner of Index Ventures and early backer of Revolut, talk about the company’s global expansion strategy and how the app and its offerings have managed to capture customers at pace.

Speaker: Nikolay Storonsky, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Revolut
Moderator: Martin Mignot, Partner, Index Ventures

Wise vs Revolut – Who Should YOU Choose? | Review & Comparison

In this Wise vs Revolut video we’ll be taking a close look at both companies, comparing their various services and fees to help you decide which you should choose. Within this review video we’ve shared the similarities and differences of both companies in order to help you make an informed and wise decision ��

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Revolut and Wise at a glance
1:28 Basic differences
2:39 Fees and costs
4:09 ATM withdrawal fees
5:17 Spending abroad
6:51 Receiving money
7:44 Customer satisfaction
8:49 Negative reviews
9:12 Who should you choose?

Revolut, Allica Bank | Richard Davies